Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I miss you badly

cepat cepat lahh
there are so many things
I want to confess.

Monday, August 30, 2010

ahhh. completely a busy week :D

It's been a long time since I write any.
busy kut. test quiz semuaa.
alhamdulillah I managed
to do everything well.
went to STF,
join training basket.
wah, rasa mcm budak sekolah balik.
best. I told them.
masa bulan puasa dulu,
ada lah sekali dua,
ckp kat coach "nak pergi toilet"
but we end up minum kat
water cooler blok form5.
kan kgib kan? HAHAHA.
next buka puasa with classmates
was a total fun.
paling kelakar
"satay keras"
with that pervert
hand movements. HAHA
*okay, saya memang makan banyak!*

oh, recently join activity college lain
haha. gunung arong mersing hiking activity.
247 meters. best lah. tiring obviously.
thing that applied in life,
never give up. keep going no matter
what happens :DD

*ni kat hilltop,cantik*

ada merdeka nite eve ride,
but tak pergi lah regarding few difficulties.
but nite ride to
basketball court at kolej 9
surely fun lah. haha.
haa, this is the best part.
ptg tadi ada speed training.
2 sets consist of 6 times pergi balik
length soccer field.
terberak gak rasa. HAHA.
tapi sumpah BEST. tak tipu.
sweat buat aku rasa puas kut.
selamat menyambut kemerdekaan
yang ke 53 :DD

*oh, ni kat pantai kat mersing after turun arong tu :D*

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

sumpah nak raya kat indon! :D HAHA

oh. damn. take five sekejap.
maa oh maa. since we never
celebrate eid at kampung,
why dont this year kita
balik indonesia
and raya with org kampung
kat sanaaa? OMG,
seriously I wanna know how
does it feels like
raya kat sana.
*sumpah mood raya*
and nouena, take me
to nice place there pleasee.
I'm big girl now.
plish plish plish.


ery, thanks wey

oh ery!
damn, kau baru ingat kan aku sekarang
apesal weh? HAHA.
tak pe. thanks duh.
kalau kau tak cakap sure aku lupa :(
thanks thanks thanks.
i remember how i cried out loud.
talking on the phone with you.
that feeling was totally
haihh. thanks again.
zillions weh!
will do. will do. will do. :D

study mode :D

when it comes to study,
student tends to generate
this one bad habit. ?
so called last-minute-study
sbb tu yang kitaorang rasa cool.
buat buat lah berubah wey.
dah tua kut. HAHA

Monday, August 23, 2010


Kalau cakap I LOVE YOU
hari hari kau bosan tak?
diaorg cakap it depends
dengan individu lah.
erm, aku ckp
perempuan tu
mmg irritating, kalau boleh
hari hari nak cakap
when you seriously
feel like to tell the world
that you
deeply in love,
tell him, her. wtv.
don't hold back.
telling someone I LOVE YOU
is a therapy and I do believe
kalau org ckp I LOVE YOU
u might be very grateful and
happy plus joyful. kan? :D
or u feel SAD ? *takpasal*
or maybe rimas kut.
imagine there is no one loving you?
oh, that would be hmm,
suka kau nak describe.
moral of the story:
come on man, u shud feel appreciated.
ur lady loves you so much!
and girls,
kalau kau cakap
I LOVE YOU without mean it.
gila ke? -..-

I love you
two, three, four,
*with that officially tone*

Thursday, August 19, 2010

ini baru aku panggil belajar

hai hai. dah lima minggu
lebih duduk college baru rasa
ada life.
assignments and tests plus quizzes.
this is what i call student life.
and this is what i heart most about
study kat college. wahhh wahhh ahhh.
tu bunyi ghairah. HAHA.

remote sensing tu apebende wey?
haha. pergi wiki, aku malas nak jawab,
kau tgk ni;

SGS 1542 (physical geo & oceanography)
test hari SELASA depan. :DD

SGS 1633 (remote sensing technology I)
test hari SELASA jugak okay? (:

ULT 1022 (titas)
test hari SELASA jugak lahh ustaz!

SGS 1523 (survey and mapping)
test hari RABU, keesokan hari selasa. ;D

4 je kut. kalau sekolah dulu lagi boleh mati.
banyak subject. HAHA
ckp Malaysia Boleh. so, why not me?
HAHA. okay, study mood.
ahhh ahh ahhhh. seronoknya. :DD
baru nama student bhai (:
hakuna matata.

oh, jap, aku pampang gambar kau besar besar
buat semangat lagi nak study,
HAHA. muka mmg bagi semangat :PP

Meet happiness. She is my bestfriend :)

happy :D
hakuna matata

Monday, August 16, 2010

far far awayy

"Distance does not matter
if two hearts
are loyal to one another."

"Although we are not able
to be with one another right now,
don't give up, for the words 'I love you'
has true meaning and holds all my feelings.
Just have faith and hold on,
for love conquers all things."

"True love does not worry
about the distance between,
for the heart
and soul travels
through one's words."

"Hearing your voice is far better
than you touching me.
Because even though I yearn
for your skin to touch mine,
it is your voice that touches my soul."

hakuna matata

Sunday, August 15, 2010

everything I do I do it for you :D


Look into my eyes - you will see
What you mean to me
Search your heart - search your soul
And when you find me there you'll search no more

Don't tell me it's not worth tryin' for
You can't tell me it's not worth dyin' for
You know it's true
Everything I do - I do it for you

Look into your heart - you will find
There's nothin' there to hide
Take me as I am - take my life
I would give it all - I would sacrifice

Don't tell me it's not worth fightin' for
I can't help it - there's nothin' I want more
Ya know it's true
Everything I do - I do it for you

hakuna matata


I’d rather
than feel nothing at all.
and I like the way
it hurts.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

meet the goliath gully

cool tak wey?
for me, okay lah,
but, okay lah tu
nak compare dgn price dia.
blerrggh. -..-'
tak padan.
whatever it is,
buat aku excite and terus sihat.
HAHA. thanks mummy.

I am your fighting spirit

I am in love with a soldier.
I will support him in
his defense for the country.
And I will understand that he
must obey the orders
of those appointed
over him.
I represent the true backbone
and fighting spirit for him.
I proudly stand by the one
I love with honor,
courage and commitment.
I am committed to support
my soldier and
I love you with all my heart.

have you ever cried
yourself to sleep?
hakuna matata.

Friday, August 13, 2010

nebulizer asthma is always a nightmare !

last attack: dec 2009.
12th august 2010,
like seriously,
u feel your heart pumping
so hard like
wanna burst.
I'm smiling and i'm telling
myself it will be okayy.
Sometimes when facing a life crisis, it just helps to smile.
hakuna matata

Thursday, August 12, 2010

are you in love with a soldier? (:

Guideline for the Military Girlfriend/Wife/Fiance:

1. Dont count on anything! Hurry up and wait!

2. Don't listen to anyone on the outside. All you will get is negative remarks, which will make things harder for you to deal with.

3. When he becomes stubborn and a royal pain in the ass, just remind yourself that he's probably had a bad day, and being away from you is hard on him too. So just let him rant and dont take it personal.

4. When you're down,treat yourself.

5. Learn how to listen, if you don't know how! He will need you. You will be the one he comes to when he needs to bitch, but don't bitch back. That is what we are here for! This is a hard time for our men and they need us much more than they think they do.

6. Love your man, be truthful and reassure him, even if he's deployed, he'll have someone to come back to.

7. He will try to pull away at some point, whether directly telling you to move on and not wait for him or just becoming too distant. Its a way they try to deal with it, a defense mecanism. Stcik with him because he really does want (and need) you there.

8. When he is away for a long time or even just a couple of hours away, write a lot of letters! Communication is key to a relationship.

9. Some of him friends will probable be morons. Expect this.

10. You aren't the only woman in his life. His mom misses and loves him too, so make sure she is updated on what is going on with him.

11. He needs to feel important so don't hold back on the compliments-remind him how proud you are of what he does.

12. Chances are they won't call when they say they will. That especially applies for deployed!

13. Don't buy that non-refundable airplane ticket too early.

14. When eating with them, you either finish yours in 15 minutes or less or be stared at until you are finished

15. Never take 1 single Minute with them for granted. Live each day with them like it is the last one you'll have for a while because with the military, it just might be.

16. Take lots and lots of pictures so you can remember what each other looks like.

17. Don't even TRY to compare your man to an ordinary civilian men. You can no longer bitch about broken plans, that phone call you were suppose to get but didn't, missed birthdays and anniversaries, his snoring (hey, at least he's sleeping BESIDE you), spending more time with "the boys" than you, etc. etc.

18. Always look on the bright side of things. How many of your gal=pals get to get there 1st encounter, 1st date, 1st kiss from their man over and over again?

19. Gotta be able to keep up with your man.

20. Even if he says he will, he probably won't. Maybe really means probably not OR probaby not when he said he would. Example: "I might be able to call you tomorrow", but he can't find the time to until a week later. Or "I might be able to come home next month for a week". That might turn into 2 weeks.

21. Being a military girlfriend/wife/fiance/mother is a very tough job. You have to deal with stress more then the average civilian girl. Have hope.

22. We find ourselves using military lingo: "I'm going to get my room squared away", or using military time. If it hasn't happened don't worry it will.

23. Patience is the biggest key to making the relationship work. You have to wait a lot, but in the end, waiting is what makes it all worthwhile.

hakuna matata

Just The Way You Are by bruno mars (:

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

love is in the air

When I want to hold you close to me
I open up my heart
You are the first I see
The greatest love to me

When I want to take your hand,
I picture in my dreams,
All you are to me,
All you will ever be.

You are always in my heart,
My kiss is in your eyes,
I have never been this close,
You’re the greatest love I know.

My love for you will never end,
So kiss me once again,
With my eyes closed so I can hear you breathe,
With a love I dearly need.

Here in my heart,
You will always stay,
For true and lasting love,
Is just made that way.

Forever my love is you, in everything I do,
Once in a lifetime you find a great love,
Then you know time will not leave,
Always in my heart,
You are a part of me.

hakuna matata.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

have faith


gay? :O
haha :PP

Friday, August 6, 2010


there are always sumone
who wanted to be sumthing,
end up being sumthing else.
hakuna matata.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

hey YOU

for the past
720 hours,
43, 200 minutes,
2, 592, 000 seconds.
u BUZZing in my life.
holding me close to your heart.
terima kasih.
I need pretty much moree honey
boleh? (:
heart you infinity.
*ketat ketat* ;DD
hunnybee gemok gedempol

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

sweat more baby,

I prefer vigorous activities
that make me sweat moree.

hakuna matata.

Sunday, August 1, 2010


give clearer explanation.
I do feel the same way too. :)
whut your mind up to?
tell me.I shut, listen and digest.
tell me even if it hurts.
because I like the way it hurts.
and I love you
and that's the deal.
you may feel whut i feel.
&& so do I. (:

hakuna matata.