Friday, October 28, 2011

I like you a lot

After all
I can't control my feelings,
it wasn't what I expected to be
I just want you to know.
please don't get me wrong.
don't let your mind messed up.
it is just a simple plain sentence
I'm starting to like you like a lot.
I hope you get the message,
like seriously I'm addicted to you.
your smell esp. haa.
syampu clear kan :B
isn't it so great that we can tell straight
to the person we adore that we like them much?
many people failed to do so
which they end up to feel a total failure and
they shower themselves with regrets.
but still the past remains.
it haunts me badly.
how does it feels like when
a relation coming to an end? they told
me what you believe is what you get,
all I can see is heartache when we meet
the dead me, you'll hurt me,
you'll leave. me am I right? :(
cut this craps. don't think too much heartie.
you'll be fine. just be strong and let things
flow on their wayy.

p/s: i like you much.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Sunday, October 16, 2011

I lost my focus FML :)

it been days.
what I was doing is
basically nothing.
sleeping for 23 hours
having a bad eye-bags
fooling around, headache
and such.
to be honest
past week was the most
ridiculous and fucked up week.
play around to much
loosing focus and might
be dead in any moment from now.
god, guide me. keep me on track.
I shouldn't be doing
what I'm doing now.
no not too much.
6th week of 3rd semester
is killing me. I don't even
being focusing what am I studying.
Fuck my life. thank you.

p/s: was it me too busy dealing with life
or was it life that being so hard for me? :(

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

to be changed

First they ignore you.
Then they laugh at you.
Then they fight you.
Then you win.
-mahatma ghandi

I like this quote much.
there's another one btw,
Life can either
be accepted or changed.
If it is not accepted,
it must be changed.
If it cannot be changed,
then it must be accepted.
and I am fully accepted that
my ankle injury is nowhere
to be cured. and thus
I have to make a change myself.
In three words
I can sum up
everything I've learned about life.
It goes on. really.
so there it goes new sport,
that doesn't require footwork
and speed plus endurance.
but definitely not chess game :P

Monday, October 10, 2011


kau orang ada? :B


Q: how did you forget your ex?
A: I never really forget them.


seriously dude,
there's 2 things that
can make me pathetically
pissed off.
one is calling me while I'm sleeping
and one is knocking on my door
also while I'm sleeping.
pleasee, get a life you idiot

Friday, October 7, 2011

what I feel

what you see
is me carrying my
soul running around
somehow to find
connection with
someone or to own
other soul.
what I breath is
a total lonely air.

p/s: what you see and what I feel is totally different

I shouldn't be too loyal

lonely nights killing me.
you know how does it feels like
to love someone with all
your heart and soul?
to be devoted in relationship?
to be a total loyal person for
the one and only person you love?
it feels so good really.
but did you know how does it
feels like to be betrayed?
how does it feels like to have
someone telling you,
you are not perfect, you are just
not the one?
it feels like the world crushes
down on you. you feel weak,
you can't move not even a single
bone and you just lost your soul.
have you ever feel that?
it sucks me.
you've got to ask my heart :/


I see painful ending
in every potential relationship

sam hear me out,

maybe I was thinking too much.
maybe I shouldn't do what I've done.
it's not how easy I could fall for you
it's about how quick I can forget you
later. James Blunt said, cause I saw the
end before we begun.
you see, there's no such thing called
forever. even relationship won't lasts.
I know you well, I know your smell
and I've been addicted to you.
We don't have much time to spend
together. you have your own world
and I have mine. I can't live with you.
you said relationship needs time,
I said I believe relationship has an ending.
sam, well I don't know how wud this
going to end. I don't know how did it
started either. I know nothing.
all I know is we've been so addicted
to each other and sooner or later
you're going to leave me. how did
I forgot my ex? such a beautiful
question really, don't worry sayang
time will come. I'll forget you later.
I have issues trusting on others.
I won't let my heart hurt ever again.
no worries, be strong yah heart?
I'm here for you :'(

Monday, October 3, 2011

different culture

Ethnicity and background really
aren't a big deal in a relationship.
It's all about love
of the other person
for who they are on the inside.