Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Selamat Hari Raya

often we wish everyone
selamat hari raya maaf zahir and batin
without really internalizing the
meaning behind the greeting.
Now days maaf zahir and batin
become annually routine
to be proclaimed in Syawal.
dear Muslims, let us together
understand the true meaning
behind those words.

Monday, August 29, 2011


I do appreciate everyone that came into my life.
Each and everyone.
thank you so much

Friday, August 26, 2011

I call it justice, not karma

Well, friends.
It's karma we've been dealing with
all the time.
manipulate it.
so it don't hit you hard (:
Karma is just a philosophy
consisting merely of ideas
that people have formulated.
It is a
"beliefs unsupported by evidence”.
it is apparently a coincidence.
Karma is an educative process.
Learn whatever needs to be learned
or harsher conditions
to drive in the lesson will arise.
Within adverse conditions
often lie the opportunity.
By maintaining
a positive attitude and energy,
you can begin to see
more good things
come into
your current karma experience.

#refer to The Noble Quran, (30:41)

Thursday, August 25, 2011

I speak sarcasm language

I don't understand
why some people
cannot differentiate
between sarcasm
and compliments.
seriously, have you lost your sense?

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

mind blowing. really.

kelakar pun ada
rasa nak kimakk kan
kau pun ada. rasa macam
geli geli pun ada weh.
tapi tak de lah nak hina sangat.
it's your life. malas nak ambil
port. cuma bila dah proven
you are the kind,
so satisfied to know la.
funny when this friend
of mine turn up to me asking me about you.
ya Tuhan, the fact is she's having
feelings for you and that is ghreat.
tak kan lahh I nak halang
she's my friend, u get what I mean.
and there's a thinking macam
oh mai gad. should I tell her the real you
or should I let her hurting the same way
more or less like me?
oh tak, aku tak hurt langsung
malah rasa sangat bersyukur
sebab tahu mmg kita tak hold future together.
thank god. thank god. thank god.
so that's you.
that is the real casanova guy.
the one who tries every girl
you can think off. it's like,
u ada ke, tak ada u ke, I okay je.
macam you have nothing to do in my life.
that's what I should be telling you
when you first asked me last time,
"did I give you any impacts on your life?"
remember I was gahhh, y u asking me
such Q. I was out of words, not because
I am excited about what were you asking
I buried in silence because I'm not that
really much into you. -.-
*I'm in deep shit man.
I faked the answer really,
told you, "you touched my heart."
walawehh. I shouldn't do that
in the first place. so, after that shocking
moment about me friend telling me
having an affair with you,
*not shocking,it's more like predicted. haha*
tak apa lahh, go on with your niat murni
in having her with you.
I quit. it was quite a long time ago.
funny how you get caught red handed.
alamakk. life is still a long journey to go for me.
ini pasal meeting a guy yang dia rasa
oh mai I AM SO HOT
I should be chasing all the girls.
you don't impress me. I swear. haha

*mind you I am very good at faking things.
because cancerians know how to be real good
and how to be really bad, worst than SATAN.

awhh. thank god !

no wonder I can't visualize
spending my future with you.
you're just not the one.
thank god.

Monday, August 22, 2011

money can buy anything seriouslyy

where to start?
current addiction is vanilla coke.
last time I remember bicarbonate
drink is the one yang boleh buat
aku dizzy so after minum one
sure rasa mabuk pening nak muntah apa semuaa.
but it was last time la.
recently minum vanilla coke terus
sukaa and tak ada apa rasa pening pun.
mungkin dah akil baligh?
haha.*tak masuk akal.

ya Tuhann, panjang nyaa intro.
aku nak tulis benda lain
sebenarnyaa. well, I'm currently
working at this one apparel boutique.
working is not an easy job.
it's nothing to be playing around.
yes, I go there to spend my whole
school holidays and others of course
to shake my ass for the pay.
tengok staff lain work their best
earning monthly payy to sara anak and family
really touched me a lot. well, of course
bila dah akil baligh ni laa baru think straight.
bukan duk g kerja lepak lepak, buang masa.
tahu lahh, gaji pun bukan berapa sgt weh
sebulan tu haaa. nak bayar rumah, kereta,
anak makan pakai minumm, gila wehh
banyak duit nak pakai serious.

oh oh, Fuck my life. sedang aku menulis post ini
jiwa dikacau dengan lonjakan hati untuk
menulis satu lagi post lain yang
seronok ronok lahhh. hahaha.
#iklan sekejap.

let me finish with this one first. mati lah
esok kerja full mesti mengantuk.
HAHA. biarlah -.-'
tak ada apa pun aku nak cakap
sebenarnay cari duit ni
bukan mudah, as parents lagi sakit
ohmai. bila cakap pasal gaji besar
and apa tu haaaaa emm
perancangan money, it is a serious matter.
because how high you ada pay,
if you don't know how to
use your money wisely and ber budget
sure thing duit bnyk pun rasa tak cukup.
haihhh. this is a reminder for me
myself and for everyone out there :)
I seriouslyy need to start saving for kahwin
dan sebagainyaa. -..- haha
tolong tolong ingatkan saya ok folks? :B
thanks :D

Saturday, August 20, 2011


I am a
typical and predicted
and strongly possessed all those
characters of

I'm growing too fast.

mom, do you miss me?
do you missed how I used to be?
do you missed every single time
I asked you for the botol susu?
do you miss sleeping beside me
playing with my hair, kissing me
silently while I sleep?
mom, it kills me too knowing I am a big girl now.
I just can't be the old me.
the one who still holding botol susu
everywhere I go, crying every single day
don't want to go to kindergarten.
I knoww deep inside you miss me
roight? don't denyy me.
I am sorry if I am such failure to you :'(
I love you so much, mak.

no wonder you just
smiling when our little
brother saying that,
anis kan anak kesayangan mak.

no one cares. I don't care a shit either.

being emotional roight noww.
ahh. stress lah.
fahamm tak apa perasaan kau orang
bila parents kau orang treat korang
macam budak budak.
okay for the record semuaa should knoww
mostly apa yang aku buat semuaa
based on parents punya decision :(
so, tolak tambah diorang selalu cakap
I'm not big enough to berdikari.
tak bukan aku nak salah kan parents
hundred percent dalam hal ni.
and yes, it's absolute bout my own self.
the way I make every decision,
things that should make my parents
trust me, well at least give me a chance to
make my own decision & to be
responsible on every decision made.
kalau diorang tak trust aku.
siapa lagi? diri sendiri lah kan?
I have a low self esteem bila borak
pasal family, pasal parents,
pasal siblings. I don't even want to
talk about it either.
why try so hard when no one listens ?
aku pun dah malas nak entertain semuaa orang,
nak impressed semua orang.
aku penat lah. sumpah penat :'(
I've got nothing to impress. No one cares.
even my parents don't care. so?

Thursday, August 18, 2011

I am much more handsome than you :)

hello handsome.

it's kind of heart-beat-skipping
whenever I get a text or a call
from youu. you excite me much.
you should know that missing
you is something out of my control.
and thinking about holding a future
together is another out of our sense thingy.
I knoww
oh well, things happened :)
yeah, missing you here.


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I was once a gay

having a same sex
relationship is nothing
more or less compared with
men-women love stories.
same sex basically think that
they do not produce offspring
and easy to care each other
based on the mentality of knowing
much more better each other needs.
some common reason why they
become one is basically dumped
from previous normal relationship.
others, family background, education
and et cetera.
I don't have rights to comment on
their behavior. I don't have any
to point out that this and that is haram.
This is an open stuff everyone knows
being gay is wayy against morality.
We still need to respect each other
because of the humanity.
I have nothing to say you seriously need God
you need faith and you need consistency.

change for better :)
you lose nothing, trust me.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

irritating. they really are.

should I go like,
ohmaii gawddd ! I just coloured my hair
and I'm fucking love it.
*sounds fucking pathetic
yeaa I know. haha.
intro macam gampang.
so here I am
with a longg time not writing
anyy kat bloggie ni haa.

I really want to make a list.
things irritate me most:

1) a person captured his/her own pic using own camera or handphone looking like a twat. (taking own snapp) seriouslyy I don't have to give you an example on what I meant here roight. haha

2) a guy pathetically showing off by uploading his NEW girlfriend pics with a kissing picture and such. mann, it freakingg ugly. seriously -.-

3) a person yang BARU 2-3mins kenal tegur bagai nak rak, like you know me since I'm a kid brahh. like we used to play pondok pondok or guli sama samaa. take it sloww brahh, I do not like harsh people menggelabah and bajet lu cool. haha

4) a person yang suka judge orang lain. eventhou I'm doing it sometimes. but don't go to far laaa. kalau orang tu ada buat taik dgn youu baru lah you balas balik. haha. *do not interfere other's life when you got nothing to deal with. unless you want to be known as useless cuntbag. go ahead brahh.

5) people who wake me up early morning shouting like a crazy person. come onnn don't you know it is very important to have a very good startup day? seriously I feel like pushing you off the cliff you twat.

that's all I can think of
roight now. nanti ada lagi wa
tapi kan weh, haa. this is only
feelings. mcm mana
kitaa nak buat dia jadi
positive vibes is that we look
at all the irritating thingy
as something yang alah,
kimak betul ni benda kecik je weh.
tapi sumpah irritating
rasaa nak gigit kaca sampai patah gigi.
*okayy merapu bye !

Thursday, August 11, 2011

hantaran jang oi !

*click for Fucking enlargement

haaaa. haha.
kalau dah ready,
ada empat ketul tu
u dtg je rumah,
i okay je.
cakap dgn mama i,
then kita kawin laa.
#ada ke? forever alone ahh aku mcm ni

is that too much? :O

where facebook has been a medium
to interact with all friends,
twitter to tweet your current emo,
bloggie that contains vast emotions,
and lookbook has been unintended
in the absence of nice camera
plus formspring that so outdated
and tumblr where you can sooth
you feelings with nice pictures.
that's a lot brahh. we are

a soldier

every movie that
relates to a soldier
reminds me much
about you.
about how am I
used to be owned
by a charming soldier.
but life has to move on.
he choose to leave me.
to be on his own.
to fight for the country,
leaving me to
another great man.
that can treat me right.
that can be by myside
just always.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

pretty inside out

she is very pretty.
not like me.
she is amazing dashing
and everything about
her is fantastic.
whyy can't I be
pretty like her?
why can't I be as
awesome as her.
she has a very beautiful
soul. she's gorgeous.

hello girls,
listen closely,
if you are too busy
comparing yourself
with others, you'll
forget how beautiful
you are. how amazing you are.
be grateful for life
is something that
meaningful and you
can't waste even a sec
of it. be grateful

life as we know it

I really don't mind being
all alone by myself.
I really don't care if
I have to walk and to
stand alone in this world.
when you can be on your own feet,
why expect others to lend you
a helping hand and make you
stand up?
be strong. be tough.
excepting the truth that
we are all dealing with the same thing,
life :)

Monday, August 8, 2011

Rihanna - Man Down

"Man Down"

I didn't mean to end his life
I know it wasn't right
I can't even sleep at night
Can't get it off my mind
I need to get out of sight
Before I end up behind bars

What started out as a simple altercation
Turned into a real sticky situation
Me just thinking on the time that I'm facing
Makes me wanna cry

Cause I didn't mean to hurt him
Could've been somebody's son
And I took his heart when
I pulled out that gun

Rum pum pum rum pum pum pum rum pum pum pum
Man Down
Rum bum bum bum rum bum bum bum rum bum bum bum
Man Down

Oh mama mama mama
I just shot a man down
In central station
In front of a big ol crowd
Oh Why Oh Why
Oh mama mama mama
I just shot a man down
In central station

It's a 22
I Call her Peggy Sue
When she fits right down in my shoes
What do you expect me to do
If you're playing me for a fool
I will lose my cool
And reach for my fire arm

I didn't mean to lay him down
But it's too late to turn back now
Don't know what I was thinking
Now he's no longer living
So I'm bout to leave town

Cause I didn't mean to hurt him
Could've been somebody's son
And I took his heart when
I pulled out that gun

Rum bum bum bum rum bum bum bum rum bum bum bum
Man Down
Rum bum bum bum rum bum bum bum rum bum bum bum
Man Down

Oh mama mama mama
I just shot a man down
In central station
In front of a big ol crowd
Oh Why Oh Why
Oh mama mama mama
I just shot a man down
In central station

Look I never thought I'd do it
Never thought I'd do it
Never thought I'd do it
Oh gosh
What ever happened to me
Ever happened to me
Ever happened to me
Why did I pull the trigger
Pull the trigger pull the trigger BOOM
And end a nigga end a niggas life so soon
When mi pull the trigger pull the trigger pull it pon you
Somebody tell me what I'm gonna what I'm gonna do

Rum bum bum bum rum bum bum bum rum bum bum bum
Mi say wah man down (A weh mi say)
Rum bum bum bum rum bum bum bumm rum bum bum bum
When mi went downtown

Cause now I am a criminal criminal criminal
Oh lord a mercy now I am a criminal
Man Down
Tell the judge please gimme minimal
Run out a town none a dem cah see mi now

Oh mama mama mama
I just shot a man down
In central station
In front of a big ol crowd
Oh Why Oh Why
Oh mama mama mama
I just shot a man down
In central station


Sunday, August 7, 2011


I miss you.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

malas pun bolehh :B

I nak text you,
tapi ada feelings tu
macam I mengganggu you sgt2
eventhou you've said
text doesn't bother
you at all.
tapi serious I rasa macam
hamaigadd tak penting
tak payah text lah.
*malas sebenarnya*
I remember you questioned me,
bolehh eh malas?
apa tak boleh? meh habaq sat pasaipa x boleh?

mixed blood

for having a mixed-blood,
people always confused about you.
mula mula tu you mesti lah
making that weird pathetic face,
like, watafak mann? O_o
thenn slowly
you get used with others Q
'you don't look like malay lah, are you?'
'you don't look like local people'
'are you from outside?'

dik, are you local?
homai do I look like oreng putih?
haa ini paling tak boleh blah
rasa nak kembang kan hidung
sampai minggu depan.
tolong lah faham,
I ada mixed blood within the nations je
tapi tak ada lah sampai
muka macam kajol,
asal usul arab,
muka iras jennifer garner*muntah*,
penat dah layan orang tanya tanya
kadang kadang aku sembur je
pak, saya orang indon :B HAHA
well the fact is yeaa i ada origin sana.
pueh hati? pueh dak? -..-

texting is just not my type

I'm not a text person.
I prefer chat on the phone
rather than hurting my
thumb texting you.
yes yes, I am lazy fat ass bum bum
well somehow listening to your voice really
makes me calm :)
it's kind of therapy :)

blissful feeling

macam mana kalau
kauorang boleh
imagine live your whole
life with one particular

mesti best kan oi?

Thursday, August 4, 2011

sama kan? -..-

we share the same
cheek bonee
*pengsannn* haha


ada masa kau kene stand up untuk diri sendiri
fikir apa yang sangat penting dalam hidup.
kalau perlu penting kan diri sendiri
buatlah. untuk kebaikan diri kita sendiri.
sampai bila nak jaga hati orang kalau sendiri asik hurt? :)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Awesomee :)

Being single used to mean that nobody wanted you.
Now it means you're pretty sexy
and you're taking your time
deciding how you want your life to be
and who you want to spend it with.
- Sex and the City

vacation it is

the only thing
that's on my mind
is vacation.
to a peace and nice
place. I want to escape
well at least feww days
from the ordinary.
take me awayyy :)

wordless wednesdayy

I really not into current
trend of many bloggers
about those wordless wednesday
because If you have something
in your mind and you're going
to spill it out, wouldn't it
be so stressful wednesday
cause you can't said a thing.
:D well, logically.

recently I was to busy
searching for my passport.
gawd, if I lost mine, can u imagine
kene pergi report polis,
(infact aku dah ready nak go report
mana lah tahu boleh usha pakcik polis)
kehkeh. tak tak, apa i nak cakap is
penat la, malas pergi report2 tu haa.
ingat aku rajin sgt nak g mereport?
lepas tu pergi misplaced kan passport
lepas tu susahkan orang, lepas tu
tak reti jaga harta sendiri
potpetpotpet kene bebel dgn mak. jyeah !

apa pun kauorang tolong lah faham
aku eksited sgt jumpa passport
semulaaaa. KOH SAMUI oi !
haha. can't F wait -.-'


raya seorang diri kali ini

kalau tahun lepas raya berdua
tahunn ini raya seorang.
rindu lah nak raya samaa samaa.

ah, mengarut lah
raya sensorg lagi best.
tak ada nak fikir orang lain.
hoyeahh ! :D

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


kalau kau bodoh agama
kurang amal ibadah
cetek ilmu ketuhanan
pegang lah yang satu
buat lah yang termampu
ikhlas itu perlu

you look hot when
you wish me selamat berpuasa
it just so not you,
cause that you look gorgeous handsome.