Wednesday, June 29, 2011

life as we know it

Life is about
dealing with
the wrong person
and accepting the right person.

choices can really
make us headache.
most of the time.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

marah aku lama lama.

marah macam mana pun
dalam hati kecil kau
aku tahu masih care pasal aku.
ego kau tu tinggi sgt.
aku kalah. apa apa pun,
minta maaf dari hujung
kaki sampai hujung rambut.
minta halal semua benda.
terima kasih encik.

sedangkan nabi maafkan umat :)

Friday, June 17, 2011


and because
I'm your winston

forgetting someone is easy

I don't see a point
why on earth I should hate you
sebab things happened rite?
karma has no deadline.
and my heart become
stronger each time it breaks.
scars will always be there.
but, time heals everything.
in the name of god, the most merciful
and graceful god.
I now release you from my hatred
and grudge that have been days
and month.
because sorry is the hardest word
to say. I understand that.
and I dont need you to feel sorry or
asking for an apology.
as for my part,
I with all my heart forgive everything
you did to me and wishing you
a happy life ahead.
may you find a much more better
person than me. may god bless your life.
you are the most beautiful catastrophe
that ever happen in my life.
thanks for being a part of my life
eventhou for a short period of time.
thank you so much.
this might be the last,
I'm forgetting you and things that
happened between us.
:) you taught me a lot in life.
again, thank you.
have a good life, hisyam. take care :)
and those things i gave, keep it.
I dont need them back.
a reminder we were once soulmate.
(: take care okayy?

Sunday, June 12, 2011


I may not be your number one
but all i know is,
if we were meant to be together
I'd like to be the best for you.


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

a picture

a request.
gambar ni haaa.
time kecik kecik dulu.


dear gerry.

I like you a lot.
and I miss you so much.

Im not good enough roight?

I really wish I felt
I was good enough
for you. But I don't.
I have a lot of flaws.
I am not perfect.


Please get a life.
stay away from me.
I don't need you anymore.
you were just a piece of memory
that I regret most in my life.
fuck yourself.
I never hate a person in my life
but when I hate someone
I'm going to hate them with
all my heart and soul.

monday tak selalu blues pun :D

it's been days i dont write any
with my heart.
monday is always full of craps.
mana tahu my monday today
was a great monday of all.
A fun awesome monday weh.
woke up as early at 7. staring outside
sliding door. watching road.
do a lot of thinking.
and tidur balik semula woke up at 12.haha
lepas shower pakai sports attire.
FUCK LA, do I need to tell from A to Z what the fuck
I'm doing? HAHA. this is not a dear diary stuff.
HAHA. bottom line aku pergi training shooting
and I've got the correct rhytm.
Life is awesome. let go the ball with your soul
in order to put it right away into the basket.
It was fun. dinner nasi goreng kambing
somewhere around leisure mall and
watched the x-men. fuck la. life is great.
I am so grateful.
but most, I miss my gerry.
hee. miss you infinity :)

Pitbull - Give Me Everything ft. Ne-Yo, Afrojack, Nayer

Monday, June 6, 2011

if you were mine

well you know all those sweet things,
that we can do together later,
candle light dinner.
home theater movies
cuddling in bed
cooking dinner together
running naked inside house
slow dance,
kissing endlessly,
playing hide and seek and if you find me,i'll kiss you
rose bath-tubing,
and a lot more.

Friday, June 3, 2011


I'm watching you running round 
chasing other girls 
and enjoying your life. 
well I prefer to sit here 
mending my broken heart.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011



P/S: excuse me for being a virgin. sorry.

aku dah agak

kerja penat
tunggu customer
lah weh.
penat nak mati.
iyaaaaaa jugak. haha
*bang head to wall*