Sunday, October 31, 2010

in the state of violent mental agitation

he might forget all their sacrifices
he might just walk away wearing his pride
he might never want to keep in contact with them
he may held his fist up high in the air
pretending holding something invisible there.
he might regret all crap things that they had done to him
they probably took the wrong track for him
they probably asking TOO MUCH FROM him
where things finally became Fucked up.
he fed up about his life.
he want something new, something that could
cut off those strings that had been tied him up with them.
but he knew they are the reason why he alive.
for this time around, this has nothing to do with their showground
time files so fast without no one even notices it.
believe me.
the bullshits about karma is freaking true.
nothing in life as good as karma.
he should wait for it.
he should be aware that his life is his concern.
to him,
listen here.
Absolute silence is the best way.
Say something,
it can be misheard.
It can get you killed.

please be calm although
you might have killed them
many times in ur head. (:
that's a total satisfaction.
kill them. shoot them in the head.
stab them to death with steel knife
as many times as you want
because sometimes
fantasizing about things that
immoral is the best way reality
cannot do. because
reality is too complex.
*I would be glad to thrust you in the middle of the road
and watch you being run over by a truck.
just about every bone is smashed*

Saturday, October 30, 2010

exams are like girlfriends? o.O HAHA

stay calm. but conscious

feeling stress before examinations?

What can you do to stay calm?

A. Answer the questions in the right order

If you’re taking a test where you can decide on the sequence in which you answer the questions, here’s what you should do:

1. Do the easiest question first.

2. Do the next-easiest next.

3. Do the next-easiest next.

4. Repeat as needed

B: Answer the questions. Follow Instructions

Seriously, you’d be surprised how many people aren’t following instructions or aren’t reading the questions carefully. It’s pitiful. Remember, the professor cannot give you credit for what’s not there. You must play the game in order to win.

C. Relax

No matter how much you stress, you will NEVER be able to add anything into your brain that isn’t in there already. So just accept that there might be things you don’t know, and focus on retrieving the information you DO know.

exam is not the end of ur life.

this is y i'm freaking LOVE LP

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

but u're the only exception

If you flirt with my boy,
I'm gonna find you bitch
and I'll punch you in the face.
Wait a sec,
on second thought,
I would rather let him go,
let him be more happy with you (:
because if loving him is all that means to me.
Being happy is all I hope he'd be.


I would be happy
if you could hold me tight

we're fucking teenagers


angel's revenge

okay, we're cool.

apa kau dapat tadi?
ada input tak?
haila wey.
patut lah blur blur.
input kosong, kau pun blur.
mana nak tahu ur own role ?
1. control overall
2. tolong control
3. cari hal pergi tembak
4. 45 darjah
5. ingat sendiri lah
haha. lawak lah weh.
seriously, its weird how u can take things
personally. no, it's not personally.
it's really a deep cut.
yes, I'm taking my time
to generate and to digest
maybe, I'm taking too much time.
too much precious time
is wasted :(
being a soft-hearted person
is seriously fucked up man.
am not kidding you.
yes, it was my mistake. SHIT HAPPENS.
I visualized, i realized and i recognized.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Saturday, October 23, 2010

make me proud baby

mak : "cuba kau training 100 meters sampai wakil msia pergi commonwealth mcm diorg dlm tv ni"
anak: " *senyumm* "
mak : "mak dulu lari 100 meters, 100 meters senang, lari je laju laju"
anak: "mak dulu pergi commonwealth tak?
mak : " *buat muka* "

comel sgt. sbb aku tau
semua parents ada satu
wish yang samaa.
nak anak mereka berjaya
gila gila boleh buat dia proud.
oho, things will go their way,
momma. no worries.
the future is promising me something.

take your time

Sometimes in life
you wish for everything,
then there comes a moment
when you stop wishing.
It's not because
you got what you wanted,
but because you finally accepted
that not all wishes
can come true.

This would be the final chapter

see, I told you.
everything will be just fine.
everybody is finally happy with
their own life.
things went smooth sailing.
thank god for that.
because you were asked to
love what you have,
not trying to have what you love.
be grateful. be thankful.

bee bee,
I love you even moree
every second.
y? because thing happens
for a reason.
if I don't feel losing you
I won't feel like
loving you till
my last breath. (:

Friday, October 22, 2010

It's not about arrogant, it's about loyalty

because when you call him late nite
and he didn't answer your phone call
let it be. he must up for something.
finishing things that left undone.
doing all works that need to be done on time.
if his guy answer the phone,
you don't go and ask anything.
you don't go for further conversation with his friend.
no, it's not about you not being kind.
it's about your man.
show him some respect, treat him right.
because he is the only guy who deserves
to talk with you late night.
be true to him.
and to him you shall be faithful.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

get undress and dance all nite long

because at a point of time
I feel like naked and
dance till I can't feel my legs.
come get closer.
let's move with the beat.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

because The-Almighty knows everything

when the same shit happens again and again. It's weird how u discover that u get used with it. your heart stronger than before, your soul accepts everything and your mind aware enough to tell yourself that you need to be strong every pico-sec.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

One In A Million

red heels

with that staircase
and pretty red heels
and nice jacket.
but, he is what matter
most. (:

Monday, October 18, 2010

I am short and fat

baby bee.
I'm not sure if I yang pendek
or u yang tinggi :P
haha. no worries.
nanti I sedu hari hari okay? haha
because I'll run thousand miles
just to be with you.
u gedempoool :P

Friday, October 15, 2010

buat apa pening pening?

sebab aku benci pada
memaksa melakukan sesuatu
untuk kepentingan diri
adalah sesuatu yang tidak jujur.
sebab aku biarkan perkara itu
berlegar berterbangan di udara.
usah selesaikan ia.
mungkin tanpa dirancang
perkara itu akan menjadi sesuatu
yang lebih bermakna.
siapa pun tidak tahu.
aku pasti.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

missing u like no words can describe

If I were a guy.
I would give all sweet stuffs
and nice thingy
to you.
I would make a special
romantic sweet
candlelight dinner.
and I will kiss u in forehead,
and tell u that I love you
and always be you in my heart.
oh, :)
I forgot the flowers and chocolate part :P
then, I'll take you to somewhere
you've never been before
and sit and talk and kiss for hours.
I'll let u sleep on my chest,
and I'll stare at your face
the whole night,
watching you sleeping beside me.

I don't want any
perfecto guy.
I just need him to be sincere,
honest, loyal and loving.
because in you I treasure
everything I wanted.
hugs and kisses.
mohamad hisyam.
gemuk gedempol
that eventually fills
all spaces in my heart. ;D


something went wrong somewhere.
I'm still alive but barely breathing.
I need some fresh air,
cool water and
nice weather.
but mostly I need my strength.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

sentosa island

oh, kalau ada kau
kan lagi indah lautan
lagi damai permandangan
lagi tenang rasa di hati.

so matured, fuck er

thanks a million (:

Thursday, October 7, 2010

korek loji cari taik

bila cakap pasal kawan kawan,
kawan kita tu lah cermin kita.
sbb kita sama sama mandi longkang,
terjun loji, tgk bintang, makan aiskrim.
bila sorang buat salah ramai ramai
tanggung sama sama.
kenapa? sbb tu spesial nya member.
mcm ni lah, senang,
bila kau buat salah, kami tegur.
cara baik, cara melawak,
cara hahah, tak serius pun.
kau ni mcm sial lah, hahahah.
tapi kau tahu dalam hati,
oi, mean sikit lah.
bila kau cakap kami kena faham cara kau.
cara kau pecahkan jamban,
ludah muka lecturer,
calar kereta pak guard.
tak boleh teruskan perangai
pelik pelik kau mcm tu.
bukan org tak faham kau,
faham sgt tu kebiasaan kau,
tapi, der, kami kat sini nak ingatkan,
perangai buruk tu boleh ubah kot.
boleh. pelan pelan.
ingat tuhan, tarik nafas bila
kau fikir nak templak depan muka mak bapak.
faham tak weh?
kami kisah, kami kawan,
kami tegur, ikut kau nak
terima atau tidak.
terima kasih. (:

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I don't have any problem, seriously (:

I don't have problem with things
that are coming to mess up my life.
honestly, the best way is to remain silent.
moving with the same wavelengths
with the problem should give
a solution to the problem.
a problem is something that
hard to describe, mixed feelings toward,
and negative vibes that come along
together with that problem.

Monday, October 4, 2010

∞ it is

And if our love was a story book
We would meet on the very first page
The last chapter would be about
How I’m thankful for the life we’ve made
-Shayne Ward

for the past 93 days,
everyday is a wonderful day of my life.
and yes, infinity ∞ remains

Friday, October 1, 2010

October, please be kind darling

October, ber, ber.
would be very sweet like
fairy floss okay?
oh, and your Pegasus.
I wanna meet him someday.
;DD haha.
u should really bagi dia nama okeng?
:PP haha