Wednesday, February 15, 2012

mine is not like yours.

I tak tahu apa I nak.
bukan I tak pernah nak
share my dreams with you.
I lagi suka dengar your stories. your life.
what you want most in life.
mine is like a puzzle which you have to guess
mana satu nak placed
correctly on the board to make a nice and
complete puzzle.
I was once a high hopes person,
giving all my soul in everything I do.
but you tahu, when things doesn't work,
you moral down and you giving up
on life. that's even harder to deal with.
I was once mcm tu. I told you
what I've been through.
my studies, my love life, my families,
my frens, I have nothing to hide no more.
I let my walls down.
I tak ada apa yang I nak selain you,
selain your trust, your support and
to be yours. not to mention forever,
cause forever seem cruel to me.
i'd say eternity. maybe it differs much from forever.
apa apa lah. I tak ada big dreams macam you.
I tahu live a smooth sailing happy life.
own everything I want and having a happy family.
itu je. life is so simple.
dalam life ada 2 choices, you nak dgn tak nak je.
thanks for 14th feb.
thank you very much for making
everything so clear that I could not doubt you anymore.
I love you.
what I'd say was all scattered thoughts
and dreams.
All I know right now to live life with no
regrets and to be yours.

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