Sunday, April 15, 2012

I am so tired

that particular moment when you
are physically not fit and lethargic.
Being in a state of physically not fit
was the most fucked up feelings you
ever felt. seriously.
I wasn't telling you that you are not busy
with your life, but trust me,
my life schedule is twice packed than yours,
I have no time to rest
like having a real good rest.
It is just me with busy life and I'm 'ok'
that way. thou I am not.
working has its own pressure
When study you've been dealing with
stress mentally while working you have to
deal with physical stress
being a student given so much advantage
because you can still go out with frens
chilling having fun eventhou your
mind is tiring much.
but when your physical alarmed
that you are freaking tired, you can't do anything,
you can't think straight.

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