Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Where have you been?

Do you know
how much I miss you?
How much I miss us.
How we used to be.
The laughter that we had,
the joys that we shared.
I miss your smile,
I miss the time when we
had nothing to be worried about.
The carefree moments about things.
The picnic, the movies we enjoyed
together, the holding hands
that were meant so much for us?
Time has changed, everything is
changing. They said changes are
good sometimes. But how do I know?
I'm giving my best whatever I could do
to make you happy, to make you
have all the time you wanted and all those spaces.
I did everything in my
power to keep you by my side,
to feel alright, to feel secure about you.
I miss you.
Remember I told you what mom used to tell
me when I asked,
"how could you and dad stays together for years?"
mom replied, struggle and be strong
on every phase in your relation.
I'd like to make it up with you,
if you let me to.
I miss your sincere smile,
I miss our happy moments,
I miss everything where you can
accept me for who I am.
I love you, still.
boktapus for life?
:) I miss us.

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