Tuesday, June 7, 2011

monday tak selalu blues pun :D

it's been days i dont write any
with my heart.
monday is always full of craps.
mana tahu my monday today
was a great monday of all.
A fun awesome monday weh.
woke up as early at 7. staring outside
sliding door. watching road.
do a lot of thinking.
and tidur balik semula woke up at 12.haha
lepas shower pakai sports attire.
FUCK LA, do I need to tell from A to Z what the fuck
I'm doing? HAHA. this is not a dear diary stuff.
HAHA. bottom line aku pergi training shooting
and I've got the correct rhytm.
Life is awesome. let go the ball with your soul
in order to put it right away into the basket.
It was fun. dinner nasi goreng kambing
somewhere around leisure mall and
watched the x-men. fuck la. life is great.
I am so grateful.
but most, I miss my gerry.
hee. miss you infinity :)


  1. I miss you two, three, four, infinity. haha.

  2. i miss you infinity and beyond. I win. :P haha

  3. gerry must be a lucky guy huh.