Friday, June 17, 2011

forgetting someone is easy

I don't see a point
why on earth I should hate you
sebab things happened rite?
karma has no deadline.
and my heart become
stronger each time it breaks.
scars will always be there.
but, time heals everything.
in the name of god, the most merciful
and graceful god.
I now release you from my hatred
and grudge that have been days
and month.
because sorry is the hardest word
to say. I understand that.
and I dont need you to feel sorry or
asking for an apology.
as for my part,
I with all my heart forgive everything
you did to me and wishing you
a happy life ahead.
may you find a much more better
person than me. may god bless your life.
you are the most beautiful catastrophe
that ever happen in my life.
thanks for being a part of my life
eventhou for a short period of time.
thank you so much.
this might be the last,
I'm forgetting you and things that
happened between us.
:) you taught me a lot in life.
again, thank you.
have a good life, hisyam. take care :)
and those things i gave, keep it.
I dont need them back.
a reminder we were once soulmate.
(: take care okayy?

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