Tuesday, November 29, 2011

how to survive in exam.

being a student is always about
achieving good grades.
about what you have studied
and passing all your exam
with flying colors.
all you have to do is to be a hardworking
biatch and burn the midnight oil.
fuck study, when you can cheat in exam or test.
some call it teamwork and whatsoever.
but to see it in another point of view,
I call it how to survive your life.
Life has has to be either exciting or boring.
you choose.
and in exam the adrenaline rushes in your blood
is nothing beats nightmares.
life is also an examination. a test. or a quiz.

p/s: mesti best kalau hidup ini math.semua dah ada formula
ikut dan tak perlu pening fikir dan baca. ohyeah.
tak jugak, boring mungkin.

kalau mcm ni jawab exam dan betul i might ace all my exams .___.

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