Saturday, December 31, 2011

so long 2011

given me lots of things
to be remembered to be learned
I lost my love life
I met new people
I am better than past years.really.
I spent less time with maryam
tiah and farhah. I'll make it up later ok guys?
I miss you guys thou.
and the most current thing
that I am totally going to share here
is I feel belonging here with my new frens.
they are awesome.
amie,dila,nad,dell and ella.
gosh I shud be spending more time
with you guys where I can sense
a family in all of you.
and least, I fall in love again.
bobo thanks for giving me chance
to know a kind hearted guy like you.

diary closed.
so long 2011
we meet 2012 real soon
lots of love,
benny, anis, faez

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