Saturday, September 22, 2012

it has been a long time

When a boy asks a girl
what he did wrong?
She won't tell you immediately
what is wrong and what is right.
She might trying hard to put
words into making the right
sentences just to make sure
none of her words are 
going to hurt the boy. 
She forgot that a boy have such 
a strong hard to accept
She on the other hand has such
a fragile heart that she don't want
anyone to hurt her feelings
either by words or by actions.
When a girl is in love,
everything seems perfect to her.
Whatever you do even if it hurts 
her most, she would probably
just keep it to herself.
She would try so hard to accept every
flaws of yours. 
The boy has to worry nothing.
Remember, don't scold her, 
don't raise your voice,
and don't hit her just because 
she won't tell you what is bothering her most.
Approach her in the polite way.
No one is perfect indeed.
Ever heard about,
love is all about accepting the imperfections?
When a girl gets mad, hug her, kiss her,
tell her everything is going to be okay,
if and only if you mean it. 
For a girl, the insecurities is fucking damn high
when it comes to a boy's ex-es.
Just like the boy, he don't want 
to waste his time listening to his girl's ex-es.
Girl's instinct is the best, don't try 
to manipulate it. 
To whoever is reading this, please
if you have the girl of your life.
take care of her. Don't waste her.
She'll do anything for you
when can feel all the love for her.

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