Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Hey ! Didn't know you're still breathing. \o/

A year passed by and I didn't update anything here. It doesn't mean that my life is so plain. It means that I was busy dealing with the oxygen, people, bullshits and things. What a year passed by has turn me into? Still a sucker for penny, a bit wiser for life. Being more focused and having a clear visionary was my primary life goal. By the way, I'm providing the best fitness training program for all ladies that wanted to lose weight (just because I care and I wanna save a life) nothing much.

Besides I was so thankful that a year down the road I met Asiv and Adam and only God knows what are we chasing for. And thank God we are in the same boat. I learned being limitless, being prepared for future. For my kid's future and 5 years plan from now. All you need is to PDCA (plan–do–check–act // plan–do–check–adjust) by adjusting things means that I really need to improvised my work in terms of everything. Work, fitness training and relationships (with parents, friends, lover and God).

Any achievement? Not that I expected so far. I used to pursue my Master program last time, but shit happened, I dropped out and I got accepted to one of good company in Petaling Jaya. And I'm loving it so much. The people, the work is just awesome. Nothing much. Life transition has been so fast for me. I guess it's my call to retire at young age. Because my goal is always to 'retire rich, retire young' I shouldn't be doing anything by the age of 30.

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