Monday, July 13, 2015


I need to let things out. I don't have anyone who understands me as much as I understand myself. Hah teruknya bila x ada mood, so many things in mind je baru write shits here. It has been a long time since I update my blog. March 23rd this year. 4 months. Tak lama tapi so many things happened :O Remember failure is the greatest lesson? Yes, life is not fair, sometimes. My business partner was apparently left out from our company. Tak nak cerita why, don't want to point fingers but task was not conducted and problem dia bila you don't walk your talk. So, we separated. Alhamdulillah, I build my own company with my bestfriend, Ahmad Abdul Salam. So far so good, even we start from zero, we are progressively moving towards success. Slowly but surely. I think Ahmad is the best partner so far. He understands me and always keep me going. Any achievement? YES! last month I went for basketball referee level 2 (state level) certificate. And yes! I berjaya with flying colors. So happy!

I feel life is so hard these days. I grinding and keep on going. Imagine 20 hours of working without sleeping. 1 permanent job and 4 part-time jobs. I tak faham why #sayaZahra campaign di anjurkan. I understand the speech is just wanted to voice out what young generation feels. But trust me, the life that our parents facing masa sekolah/muda dulu lagi sedih. Imagine my mom and my aunties yang lain yatim by the age of 5 and duduk rumah atap bocor, makan kari ayam dalam tin kuah satu periuk tak ada ayam pun (seketul dua je ayam kongsi 5 beradik dgn atuk) minum air paip pergi sekolah, and they never complaint. Pergi sekolah every end of month kene berdiri atas kerusi sebab tak bayar yuran bulanan sekolah RM3.00 (mak tak dapat exception yuran sebab atok bukan rakyat malaysia). Atok kerja hari hari bawa beca sehari income 20sen je nak bagi makan anak beranak pun tak cukup. Ya Allah sedihnya. Bila mak start cerita zaman sekolah I still can see tears running from her eyes. You don't tell me what is survival, Don't tell me what is mengemis means to you..

I don't have anything to say regarding government. Speculations are everywhere. We'll see how it goes. And my opinion does not matter. So why should I care? Don't blame the system if you failed. Work your ass. :)

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