Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I want to escape

hello world.

ahh. it's so nice to have a conversation
here. with me sitting here mumbling
and you guys reading and do the thinking.
so how is life treating everyone out there?
I wish & I pray for everyone happiness. :D
life is too short to be sad.
I don't have things to talk about recently.
I'm having a good life.
everything seems to be so perfect.
how I can be so sure about that?
one of my good friend once said,

life is full of things.
good and bad.
happy or unhappy.
and its up to us to set it right.
we lead our own life and we choose our own path.
with the gift given by God to mankind, which the power of free will.
we can choose to believe and make things better.
no matter how fucked up things smack us right in the face.

allright, I get it. we can choose to
believe and make things better.
how is that so simple huh? (:
ye lah, from the start I did tell you.
we choose what our future.
we are what we are. (:
have fun, and enjoy your life
to the fullest guys.
because we only live once.

baby, can we just escape this life
and run to vanice having a good time there?
pleash.pleash.pleashh :DD
weh, nampak tak tuu?
we can walk and having a good time
together. haa. jom laa. jom? ;D

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