Monday, February 14, 2011

jgn nak dear diary sangat lah -..-

Dear diary,

I know u hurt yourself by letting me
to write about sad stories, emotional posts
and such. but you know I love you.
I mean, all this while you've been there
for me. thru my ups and downs.
You're always been there for me.
Listen to my chatters,
my sadness my tears my laughters and wtv.
It's like I'm nothing without you.
I can't keep everything inside me.
I mean, there's a thing I want to share
to let go to make my mind a little spacious.
thanks baby enough.
it is ur name at the earlier posts aite? hee.
funny. AHAA.
okay. cut this craps.
all i want to say. is thank you online journal.
you've made my day.
i used to keep my own hard-copy journal
but now i am not a deardiarywriteranymore.
hmm. there's nothing much going on so far.

glad to say and sharee,
I met my old lovely friend.
we lost connection like a year and plus.
thanks for the visit.
It was wonderful to have a conversation
with you.

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