Sunday, February 6, 2011

a short note for you no.4

dear hisyam baby,

hey, cuti mid sem dah habis.
sekarang dah nak habis sem dua pulak.
serious. cepat kan time flies by.
and oh, cepat jugak masa kita
spend sama sama. tgk dah ratus ratus hari.
hee. i rindu u lah.
you take care, have a good rest,
and most important is to
stay strong. hee.
ingat mama i cakap apa,
layan kan je. haa. layan kan je lah ok?
jangan pressure pressure.
i tahu u busy. take a good care
of your self.
drink a lot of plain water.
don't smoke too much,
and I love you so much okay bee bee.
i'll be here. give me a call or text
anytime. I'll be there for you.
every mili sec.
study hard and smart this sem ohkay?

with love,

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