Thursday, September 8, 2011

friends are forever

I'm writing this post while
trying to hold the tears from
falling thru my cheek.
I missed my friends. they came
on the 6th and 7th september.
from kuala lumpur.
good friends of mine

amal yana muzz and mack


haaa. totally happy they came.
even I keep on saying glad they
came. haha. emo pulak.
those things that I wished korg ingat
is that kentut sambung menyambung
malam nak tidur, sharing laughter,
lepak seaside. and loads more.
oh tak lupa gosips sepanjang jalan
sampai yana sakit tekak asik bergosip je
sumpah rindu korang. and again
thanks for cominggg :)

p/s: I can't keep you guys around
but I can hold you guys in my heart :)


  1. hahaha sakit tekak aku dowh. anyway thank you very much and i hope we can gather like again soon and aku make sure lini pun ada skali heeeee