Friday, September 30, 2011

kawan sampai mati :B

If I were given a chance
to choose between friends and lover
I would rather go for friends.
because I don't think lover is necessary
it's more likely that
he'll be just a burden for you.
there's a time you need to be fair
when or how to be with either your
friends and your lover.
Did you find it irritating to text
while chilling with all your friends?
I do. always did. yup.
Because at times, I learned that
everyone needs sometimes for themselves.
and lessons taught me things.
another thing that makes me realize
how friendship is precious, is that
you'll have no worries to talk about
stuffs (anything) with you bestie.
and you'll laugh out loud together to find
that each other is very irritating annoying and lunatic.
isn't that fun? :)
I may not a perfect friend,
I may have flaws, broke promises I've made
and such things.
but I am pretty sure that
I'll do anything in my power
just to be with my besties.

you know who you are, really -..-

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