Friday, September 23, 2011

I have a rommate

I own a very pretty
and handsome (dia pun confuse gender)
lionhead goldfish.
baby goldie,
I'll do anything for you baby goldie :)
switching off the lights when u want to sleep,
do frequent water changes for u
or even I would buy u an expensive
drinking water with O2. (serious talking)
do a lot of reading about goldfish care.
and etc etc.
jgn mati cepat nanti aku sedih tak boleh
pergi study *alasan macam kimak
haha. tak apa lah,
focus kat kau, develop rasaa sayangg
and treat kau nicelyy okay
baby goldie? alololo. meh cium sikit. muah muah.
dah. esok class at 8.
noight mates ;)

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