Sunday, October 16, 2011

I lost my focus FML :)

it been days.
what I was doing is
basically nothing.
sleeping for 23 hours
having a bad eye-bags
fooling around, headache
and such.
to be honest
past week was the most
ridiculous and fucked up week.
play around to much
loosing focus and might
be dead in any moment from now.
god, guide me. keep me on track.
I shouldn't be doing
what I'm doing now.
no not too much.
6th week of 3rd semester
is killing me. I don't even
being focusing what am I studying.
Fuck my life. thank you.

p/s: was it me too busy dealing with life
or was it life that being so hard for me? :(

1 comment:

  1. my 3rd sem back then was a dreadful disaster.i din even go to class after 3-4weeks the sem started.doing whatever i wanted to do,enjoying every bits of the time.but then one by one prob came across.i even got barred from taking the exams.but thank god,eventually i managed to solve them.but now im living my life with full of regrets coz i have to work my ass off studying like mad just to score at least 2nd class upper degree.n i really hate my life now coz i hv to restrain myself from doing things i love to do.

    sorry for the longgg 'story-telling' haha
    n i dunno whats the point of tht
    just to remind u
    whatever u r doing or having now
    dont forget ur studies.
    play hard,study smart;)