Friday, October 28, 2011

I like you a lot

After all
I can't control my feelings,
it wasn't what I expected to be
I just want you to know.
please don't get me wrong.
don't let your mind messed up.
it is just a simple plain sentence
I'm starting to like you like a lot.
I hope you get the message,
like seriously I'm addicted to you.
your smell esp. haa.
syampu clear kan :B
isn't it so great that we can tell straight
to the person we adore that we like them much?
many people failed to do so
which they end up to feel a total failure and
they shower themselves with regrets.
but still the past remains.
it haunts me badly.
how does it feels like when
a relation coming to an end? they told
me what you believe is what you get,
all I can see is heartache when we meet
the dead me, you'll hurt me,
you'll leave. me am I right? :(
cut this craps. don't think too much heartie.
you'll be fine. just be strong and let things
flow on their wayy.

p/s: i like you much.

1 comment:

  1. i love this one..he must be special that he can caught your attention..yet you need to remember dear, letting things flow on their way is okay,but never let them decide for you..its you who determine what you want in life..go get him girl~ i'll pray for you -huruhara69-