Friday, October 7, 2011

sam hear me out,

maybe I was thinking too much.
maybe I shouldn't do what I've done.
it's not how easy I could fall for you
it's about how quick I can forget you
later. James Blunt said, cause I saw the
end before we begun.
you see, there's no such thing called
forever. even relationship won't lasts.
I know you well, I know your smell
and I've been addicted to you.
We don't have much time to spend
together. you have your own world
and I have mine. I can't live with you.
you said relationship needs time,
I said I believe relationship has an ending.
sam, well I don't know how wud this
going to end. I don't know how did it
started either. I know nothing.
all I know is we've been so addicted
to each other and sooner or later
you're going to leave me. how did
I forgot my ex? such a beautiful
question really, don't worry sayang
time will come. I'll forget you later.
I have issues trusting on others.
I won't let my heart hurt ever again.
no worries, be strong yah heart?
I'm here for you :'(

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