Friday, September 10, 2010

nenek mmg suka sakat saya

1st day raya: DONE
went to nenny's place at 1600hrs.
isn't that too late to celebrate eid mubarak?
haa, tale as old as time,
the same routine every eid (:
tak ada kampung kan.
but what ever it is,
I still appreciate today.
because we still have a chance
to celebrate eid with family (:
and bee. oh, do you know how much i miss you?
4minutes call is not enough lah gedempol.
aaaa, there is so much i nak gosip
nak bgtau because my eid
is kindda so-so lah this year.
sharing laughter with cousins and nenek
is something that I treasure most.

jap, I nak share something,
nak jadi org joho kan?
belajar ni dulu :PP ;

samar: pink colour
jingga: orange colour
biji kundang: purple colour
tepung bawang: curry puff
terik: pulling someone's sarong
and lain lain
simple je mcm gebar, grobok. etc.

1 comment:

  1. nnt klau i kawen dgn org johor u buat lesson dgn i okeyh babe? ahaahaha...