Wednesday, September 8, 2010

put ur sneakers on and get going

blahh. HAHA
okay been days tak update belog.
I don't do personal diaries kat belog act.
HAHA. due to recent activities yang
mengancam n best, so
here they are:
(short & quick one)

Friday the 3rd until monday the 6th.
venue: sunway pyramid and places all over KL lumpur
occasion: high school reunion, dating, jalan2, eating, eating and eating :DD
time: 1800hrs - 0530hrs

*I don't get it how the hell on earth
u can wear that freaking high heels?*

oh si hunnybee sayang,
meeting u such a bliss.
haha. I wonder why you hotter than
thanks for the day.
extremely excited smpai lupa
tangkap gambar sama sama.
HAHA. wtv. I had a great time
with you. seriously.
thanks and sorry for everything bee.
cinta u ketat ketat :DD
*ery, thanks bnyk tolong (: syg kau.*

haha, ni lagi satu bnd sengal.
k.dayah. yes, kita buat
bnyk sgt activities.
sumpah semua best and lawak.
hahaha. thanks a million :DD
sir kei, thanks too.
*Ehemm, told you, sneakers fucking
better to keep moving bebeh!* haha.


  1. *I don't get it how the hell on earth
    u can wear that freaking high heels?*

    hahah aku pun nk cakap mcm tu weh actually ;))

  2. ofkos sneaker fucking better than heels weh! haha. and, aku dgn edad dah nampak your sneaker tu and teringat kau ! thnk god kau dah beli weh ! cantik sial ! ;P

  3. ery: haha.act baru nak challenge hisyam punya tinggi. still aku pendek lah. HAHAH.

    taty: hahah. cantik kan? tenks. :DD miss you btw (: