Wednesday, September 15, 2010

you mean the world to me

come here baby,
let me shed all your fears.
I'll stand by you forever.
you have nothing to worry.
yes, nothing u confess
can make me love you less.
forever is possible
time flies so fast
years waiting worth for a lifetime darling.
WE belong to you and me.
I'll be your third ear,
sit beside you and
listen to all your fears.
let it all out baby. For me,
I had seen the dark side too.
we share bed, pillow,
toothbrush, t shirts,
yes at times when I feel so lonely,
i feel lost, I cried myself
so hard wanting you beside me,
and missing you badly.
how I tell everyone to never get involve
with long distance relationship.
( you got to be very tough and have faith in each other)
but then, when I think it twice,
I can see your face clearly every time
I close my eyes.
I can feel you by my side.
I wonder how possible you could do that?
if I ever get a chance,
every minute,
every second counting,
i would say
"thanks for loving me"
because you mean the world to me

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