Thursday, October 14, 2010

missing u like no words can describe

If I were a guy.
I would give all sweet stuffs
and nice thingy
to you.
I would make a special
romantic sweet
candlelight dinner.
and I will kiss u in forehead,
and tell u that I love you
and always be you in my heart.
oh, :)
I forgot the flowers and chocolate part :P
then, I'll take you to somewhere
you've never been before
and sit and talk and kiss for hours.
I'll let u sleep on my chest,
and I'll stare at your face
the whole night,
watching you sleeping beside me.

I don't want any
perfecto guy.
I just need him to be sincere,
honest, loyal and loving.
because in you I treasure
everything I wanted.
hugs and kisses.
mohamad hisyam.
gemuk gedempol
that eventually fills
all spaces in my heart. ;D

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