Sunday, October 31, 2010

in the state of violent mental agitation

he might forget all their sacrifices
he might just walk away wearing his pride
he might never want to keep in contact with them
he may held his fist up high in the air
pretending holding something invisible there.
he might regret all crap things that they had done to him
they probably took the wrong track for him
they probably asking TOO MUCH FROM him
where things finally became Fucked up.
he fed up about his life.
he want something new, something that could
cut off those strings that had been tied him up with them.
but he knew they are the reason why he alive.
for this time around, this has nothing to do with their showground
time files so fast without no one even notices it.
believe me.
the bullshits about karma is freaking true.
nothing in life as good as karma.
he should wait for it.
he should be aware that his life is his concern.
to him,
listen here.
Absolute silence is the best way.
Say something,
it can be misheard.
It can get you killed.

please be calm although
you might have killed them
many times in ur head. (:
that's a total satisfaction.
kill them. shoot them in the head.
stab them to death with steel knife
as many times as you want
because sometimes
fantasizing about things that
immoral is the best way reality
cannot do. because
reality is too complex.
*I would be glad to thrust you in the middle of the road
and watch you being run over by a truck.
just about every bone is smashed*

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