Wednesday, October 27, 2010

okay, we're cool.

apa kau dapat tadi?
ada input tak?
haila wey.
patut lah blur blur.
input kosong, kau pun blur.
mana nak tahu ur own role ?
1. control overall
2. tolong control
3. cari hal pergi tembak
4. 45 darjah
5. ingat sendiri lah
haha. lawak lah weh.
seriously, its weird how u can take things
personally. no, it's not personally.
it's really a deep cut.
yes, I'm taking my time
to generate and to digest
maybe, I'm taking too much time.
too much precious time
is wasted :(
being a soft-hearted person
is seriously fucked up man.
am not kidding you.
yes, it was my mistake. SHIT HAPPENS.
I visualized, i realized and i recognized.

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