Wednesday, April 20, 2011

hello world ! (:

It has been roughly 2 weeks
I haven't write any.
ghreat. dengan handphone rosak
I cud probably end up my life
bunuh diri terjun S&T building.
okay, whatever. pheww.
a lot of observing
learning and bnyk sgt input.
haha. been lingering around people
a lot more older than me.
there's a thing u can hear and ikut,
and also ada benda yang you have
to judge yourself and mcm biasa lah
yang baik buat teladan buruk
buat sempadan thailand. haha
more and less.
tell you what,
It is fun playing with someone's feeling
but then karma does come around la.
Trust me. what you give
you always get it back.
don't fucking worry okay?
it's life you've been dealing with.
she can be as cruel if she want to (:

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