Saturday, April 2, 2011

they said music is my life?

I like a guy who can speak
british accent.
awhh. he looks so hot.
trust me.
roight. it's not the point
what Im trying to say
is that currently I am
so busy listening to all
english indie band.
ask me who.
The xx
Yeah yeah yeahs
Mystery Jets
Florence and the machine
Alter bridge
Angus&Julia stone
Lissy Trullie
Anya Marina
Death cab for cutie
aaaaa. ramai sangat.
macam babi,
best gila do diorg punya songs.
retro. haha.
mmg aku jiwa org lama sikit.
lagu dulu ada soul
their music pun quality
tinggi. not that aku cakap
lagu sekarang x best.
just the old time songs lagi best.
tak kesah la.
everyone has their own taste kan.
so why bother telling
and listening to others
saying yours punya taste
fuck laaa. x best.
p mampos hang la.
apa aku kesah? HAHA