Friday, July 8, 2011

gerry gerry this is what I wanted to say.


listen here. I love you and I like you so much,
but things just been hard lately.
I hope you understand I'm going thru a hard time.
I wish we cud meet earlier. I wish you were mine.
we let things flow on their way. can we?
I understand you want me in your life. so do I.
If and only if it is fated to be that way.
then, i'll be forever yours. if it doesn't,
please, you know I really delightful for having you
in my life. You complete one of my chapter in my life.
Thanks for being there for me.
we'll see how far things can go okay?
life is still a long journey for us (:
tak salah you hoping but don't have a high hope.
I knew how does it feels to hurt and to break your heart
when you give too much hope on someone.
I miss you. we'll be fine this way okay?
let just take it sloww. I hope we can meet someday.
take care. I kindda need a little time to be alone.
maybe a couple of months. or maybe years.
well, 9 years is a long period of time.
where ever on earth if we are fated to be together,
we will be. believe in that. we don't know what
the future holds baby. but we can work things out.
:) you take care. I'll text you later.

fat ass bum bum.

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