Friday, July 29, 2011

love life is like a needle pressed into your throat

I don't want my love to be wasted.
I want a loyal person that can keep
me falling for him like 24/7.
It's kindda pathetic. yes I know
and it's hard being a pathetic romantic
kind of person like me.
a devoted and loyal lovers that
you may find them very few nowdays.
it's hard to explain about relation.
love life I might say.

it's funny hearing a 20 years old kid
saying, "I'm sick of this love life,
I wan't to die because I don't have him/her
in my life. life is so unfair."
well kids, it's good you've learn a lil about life.
as grown ups, there will be a lot
of stuffs to deal with. family, financial etc.
me myself too laugh at the youngsters's
love life (primary school kids).
I find it cute seeing them crying because
of their gf/bf. :) awwhh.
that's not the point thou.
what I'm trying to say. I feel numb.
I feel like everyone has to stay away from me.
I feel like true love doesn't exist.
I don't trust anyone anymore by means
everything they said are all lies.
and Im afraid to say there is no love left inside me.
I hate that.