Friday, July 8, 2011

rainy days please :|

I wish that everyday is
rainy day. because I hate
sunny day that it makes me irritated
and uncomfortable with the hot weather.
I even can have ice bath before
going to bed every night.
it chills me to the bone and I like it.
they call it cuddle weather,
while I called it calm weather.
I have a very bad mood swings
that I don't want others to
interfere me when I'm mad.
more likely I easily get mad on
hot sunny days. The moment I buried
myself with silence is the moment
I'm doing a lot of thinking.
my mind clearer on rainy days.
I prefer to enjoy the coolness environment
rather than do a lot of thinking.
I like the smell of the rain. It makes me high.
I hope everyday is rainy day. full stop.

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