Tuesday, January 17, 2012

childhood moment

dood semua orang mesti
ada childhood moment
not to mention tak hafal sifir.
-.-' lain lain. kalau zaman
yang lahir 80's 90's ni haa
banyak la permainan outdoor.
few to name. tp sekarang aku nak cerita
pasal the game yang addict sangat.
jazz jackrabbit 2.
Jazz Jackrabbit sequels.
If u haven't played any of these games
or even heard about them,
u have been living far away
from any civilization. closeEnough. haha.
dengan exam dah habis kitew baru dwnload
game ni balik. rasa forever kid. serious -..-
emm. however, the game did not manage
to reach as much popularity as
to become PC's mascot, but did acquire
a certain fan audience,
especially due to its fast-paced gameplay,
advanced graphics and
notorious acid jazz level soundtracks-wiki.
lah time tu mmg la game rabbit ni paling
advance sekarang bebudak
semua pegang ipadpod. angry birds will be
legend in 10+ years time. really.
so long cuti sebulan gua duk ngadap rabbit
gila ni je lah. haha. okay. bye mates.

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