Tuesday, January 10, 2012

oreo cheese cake.

'OMG girlsss, I just made
a very nice and delicious oreo cheese cake.
OMG OMG I made it myself' -..-
can you sense sarcasm there?
that is so women .__.

this recipe is credit to my senior and once
was my fitness basketball trainer when
I was in high school. kak spena.
I took her recipe and the result turns
out deliciously yummy.
but I did several changes.
well yes, that's the beauty
of cooking your own voedsel
you can add or reduce any ingredients you like.
and fyi I don't have much interested in using
microwave to bake a cake; preheat, heat and etc.
so I find the easiest way of making cheese cake
by using refrigerator.
pemalas much, I knoww.
kalau tak dah lama aku master muffin, choc cake etc -..-

so here it is.

2 bars of 250gm Philadelphia cheese
3 packs of Oreo Biscuits
100gm butter: melted
2 teaspoon gelatine: dissolve in hot water and cooled
2 tablespoon lemon juice
1 cup castor sugar
1 cup fresh cream: lightly beaten

For the base:
Use 2 packs of oreo biscuits. Separate the biscuits from the cream.
Crushed and mix with melted butter. Then pressed to bottom of container. Let it cool in the fridge.

For the top:
Beat Philly cheese till kembang and then put in the castor sugar and continue.
Then put in the cream and continue beating it. The extra oreo cream and the balance of 1 pack of oreo cookies put into the mixture. (biar chunk pieces baru crunchy)Mix the lemon juice and the gelatine (beli yang halal haa.ada je kat kedai kek) in. Pour onto the base tadi. Put into the fridge for hours and suka hati lama mana. the lemon and the gelatine mixture you must mix into the mixture.

gelatine tu mixed dengan air panas so that dia
membentuk cecair yang likat dan tak bergentel. ikut mung la
nak letak banyak mana as long as enough to hold the cheese cake.
biasa aku letak 2-3 teaspoon.
yang lemon tu, the purpose is to
buat rasa cheese tu tak muak haa.
hang letak banyak karang jadi oreo lemon
cheese cake pulak nanti. get what I mean?
masam sangat kek tak sedap jugak.
my first attempt I put 2 table spoon of
lemon juice. god damnit masam gila. haha.
then 2nd attempt kurang kan letak 1 sudu teh je.
and for the number of oreo packs,
ikutla kalau nak bagi satu kampung
letak lah ber packet2 kalau nak bagi
seorg dua 2-3 packets pun dah cukup jahh.

dah itu saja :B


  1. atototo. looks like we have cheff anies here ! haha. omeynyaaa. nanti nak try la sayang :)