Thursday, January 5, 2012

Nad's 21st birthdayy

I'd spend my study week
most of the time in Kolej Rahman Putra
that is less than 10mins walk from
my college.
most of the time sembang and gelak gelak :D
but seriously it was fun.
on the 30th of december we all
celebrated our pwincess's birthday.
her 21st. Nad.
let the pictures do the talking :)

ini adelah si pwincess yang gedik tu. haha. sukeww le tueww dieww tueww :B

dell, kite, abam amie, abam D, pwincess nad, nad's gewl fwenns.

si pwincess adelah mangsa tepung jagung :B

makeup tebal. you don't sayy .__.

mangsa rogol #2 abam D. haha.

abam amie yang hemsem :') dan titew lew sapew lagieww

p/s: it was awesome
coz I got to spend time with you guys
the chemistry between us build up within couple days.
and I am completely happy and feel
belongings and a lot like family with you guys.
you guys reminds me much all awesome friends I have.

a head-ups,
every single person I met is awesome. really
because everyone is beautiful in their own way.
you don't put labels on you friends and judging them
because they are your reflection and when you do that
you are actually talking shit about yourself.
appreciate every friends that you have :)

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  1. thumbs up for the last paragraph. sukew gilerrr