Friday, April 16, 2010


Well guys, I think my blog need some entertainment. Education entertainment, I guess. ;DD
Okay, there will be more or less 3 topics to discuss here. Since I’m not a good narrator, so, I’ll go into short and precise sentences that are effortless to grasp. :D

1. Should we modern generation, go for traditional or modern way of medical treatment?
2. Are sex toys necessary?
3. Those doctors that have been working in overseas for more than 10 years; if they come back to Malaysia they are no longer compulsory to work at any government hospitals.
4. 47 presidents were invited by the president of America to confer about nuclear weapons in Nuclear Security Summit, Washington 2010.

Rationalization on topic number 1;
I should say it depends on the sickness. Can heart health, diabetes, fever, headache, gastric and menopause cure by traditional medical treatment? Personally I guess; nope. But, no offend, it’s depends on individual too. We ourselves ought to decide on the options that were given to us.
To widen your forethought on this, try watching The Exorcism of Emily Rose. You need to have conscience after watching that movie. :DD

Rationalization on topic number 2;
Nope. Taken from the TV3 program; Wanita Hari Ini, (14th April 2010), holding a discussion regarding this topic, said; for the intimate sexual intercourse, it’s kindda vital for the person who is having sex to possess affection connection while “carry out” sexual intercourse. Do sex toys have feelings? O.o
Sex toys are not good because one may difficult to attain satisfaction while having sexual intercourse with mate. Above all, please be on the same wavelength with belief.

Rationalization on topic number 3;
There is nothing wrong with helping the community via government hospitals. In my opinion they (the doctors) should make use of their knowledge and experience to help the needy here in our country. Looking for high pay in working? Do working with private hospitals or clinics are what all our doctors wish for? Again I should say, we ourselves ought to decide on the options that were given to us. The government has agreed to pay their doctors dead even with qualifications. Besides us, who else would willingly help our own nation?

Rationalization on topic number 4;
More or less in ten years time, our country will develop nuclear energy to generate powers. Nuclear energy is safe and free from carbon particles. However, the mishap of nuclear power is gigantic. In spite of this, we need to get away from mundane. There should be any safety measure, isn’t it? Nuclear weapons? The word “weapon” itself is a destructive device. Anyhow my opinion is; There is no difference between humankind, what distinguish us, is GOOD and BAD person. ;DD and everything happens for a reason. Think out of box.



  1. this is too educational baby! haha. i miss you.

  2. sex toys, interesting HAHA.
    kt holiday plaza ade ohh kedai noty XD

  3. haha. best punya topics. sayang, rindu kau, esah. =)

  4. no1. i think traditional treatment is need, if modern way not seem a result...the problem that need traditional treatment mostly in spiritual problem...
    no2 and 3. i agree...
    no4 the goodness from this energy we can see ever the waste product from nuclear fission still have dangerous to,need a further study in this field before it can be use on the big scale .... (saja ja nk mnyibuk)

  5. ahaaa. thanks for the feedback ;DD i appreciate it much3. :D

    kgib: ahaa, remember its ur topic masa assignment hari tu rite? ;D

    cik ainie: i miss you much. :D

    Syan: haha, kantoi pernah masuk ;D

    Esah: awww, aku rindu kau bangat sih :')

    john: haha, aku interest kat field tu. :D and u shud watch Emily Rose movie tu. ;DD

  6. masuk tk pnah, lalu pnah. gila woo mcm seram tmpt die. tanak aku masuk :\

  7. dila: yup. no offend. ;D
    syan: alah,alah bak kata didi: guna je y natural and perkakas y ada kat kitchen. mcm garfu o lain2. :O LOL.gila

  8. regarding topic number 3.

    currently the safety measures installed at all nuclear reactor around the world are safest that they can be. comparing that to other power resource such as coal and fossil fuel, the mortal accidents that takes place at nuclear plants are nothing compared to the other two i mentioned.

    nuclear power is both safe and much greener as compared to the two and is much much greener. for one the half life of uranium is the main issue in nuclear power. the storage issue is the main setback. but comparing that to the green and renewable energy it provides, nuclear power is the future of power generation.


  9. anonymous. sirr?
    ;DD thanks for the comment.
    wud very appreciate that. :D
    topic num 4 thou. (: anyhoww, i know u'r talkin bout nuclear energy. :DDk