Friday, April 30, 2010


letter to mr.heart.

i heart youu :) seriously.
i hope you doing great
with all the pumping stuff.
so, any new hot gossips?
haha. sure you can share with me.
well, enormously-caring,
sensitive,easily upset,
easily hurt and hypersensitive
heartie, its kindda been long time
we didnt have heart-to-heart conversation,
we both, mr.heartie and i trust in karma,
the sortaa whut goes around comes around thingy.
yes.we did right? :D
emm, currently, im happy whut's i've been thru.
i've learnt something,
that hidup kene redah n redha. cool isn't it?
actually i've learnt a lot.
i realized that mr.heartie is abstract,
and lots more. *heart stuffs, fellas. ;DD
something is not right when ur mind,body and soul
are not in the same alignment.
is it true mr.heartie? :D
yupie yup yup.
so for the time being,
how am i dealing with that feeling?
the best is; LET IT BE.
get thru it hunny.
be strong and buat muka tak tahu. :D
tak ada problems that god creates tak boleh solve.
ada cara. bnyk choices nway.
i do believe with time can heal heartache,
however the scar will stay forever.
it's just the scar.
sorry Mr.Heartie, i can't constantly
buat youu happy. :(
i hope you understand.
but no matter how,
i know we're soo in love with each other.
i promise to take care of you,
till ur last beating.
i love youu


  1. ahh? cam xciter kat i je sal ni? (muka sebok) haha.

  2. Nak nyebok jgak,=o..ada ka, laki mcm 2 lam dunia ni..?

  3. wawa:haha,adalahh:p
    john: laki apa? o_O