Monday, April 5, 2010


me: hey why r u sitting here alone in the dark?
dayana: i dont feel well. headache most probably.

me: u must doing a lot of thinking. ermm, care to share?
dayana: yup, i hardly sleep lately. sleeping disorder. i have this one repeatedly strange dream. I dont know how to thrust aside bout it. yes, you are right. I'm thinking too much. Sometimes bout thing that is not worth worrying about.

me: How long you've been keeping to yourself?
dayana: 4 months. i would tell everyone i'm doin fine, i'm doin great. truth is never been told. and i dont care whut do people want to say bout me.fellas, as long as we're called human,it is all about imperfection.

me:do you seek advice from others and vice versa?
dayana: honestly i lost all the sense of worship. i almost forgot how does it feels like to loved and to be loved.i refer this to my love life.

me: but hey,dont u ever say like that. whut frens for aite?we keep you comfortable, n happy
dayana: u can always differentiate the meaning of love in many aspects.

me:well dayana u know whut? i havent been in any relation with guys. n im doin fine.all the time. and hey, u're still young. live life to the fullest. :D i dont see the point of having partner in "teen" age, dear. there are many good and bad things. im neither support nor against this teenage puppylove. it's not secure. u will probbably end up breaking up which only caused u a heartache.
dayana: ohh lord u seem dont see the point. did u know that all those positive feelings arise when you having intimate relationship? you will be more happier. knowing that there is sumone cares for you.its a good feelings thou.

me:is ur partner support u in everything u do? u talked bout cares isn't ?
dayana:i dont want to argue more with you.

me:even ur partner will not help u in ur examinations, poor u dayana.
dayana:whut r u talking about? he was the reason for me to be hard-working esp in my studies. he seemed to be my idol.we both studied together.

me:says you.

me:so, still do a lot of thinking?
dayana: nayy, i dont have time to think bout this silly thing.

me:so, whuts ur conclusion?
dayana: oh u just want to mess up with me rite? :D

me:i love you dayana. i want u to think bout ur's all matters anyway.stop thinkin much bout'll be me.belive in faith.destiny.let it be. everything will be fine in the end. dont worry dear.
dayana: *smile* (faked one i guessed)

ohh,had ENOUGH. :D


  1. yeay, ur damn right babe. there's no point of having special relationship in this age. ;p

  2. tabik muscle kat ang anies..cayalah...bole jadi kaunselor ni...
    ada function jugak klo ada special relationship wak2 skarang ni...tpi terpulang kpada kita mcm mana kita nk uruskan hubungan tersebut....klo kita pndai mmilih psangan, kdua2 nya akan saling jadi motivasi antara 2........
    lagi pon pngalaman bnyak mgajar kita daripada kita mmbaca dri buku....
    dayana, apa pon jgn berputus asa dlam idop..kwn2 ada dsekeliling untuk mmberi sokongn n' bntuan..
    (sja ja nk mnyibuk kat blog orang) ..

  3. hahaha.
    kgiB: yeah. :DD

    john: haha.depends lahh kan. :))

  4. sumaph kelakar john aku bc balik hang pny comment. pehh ;DD