Sunday, April 4, 2010


i had conversations with sarah this evening;

Me: hello sarah, it's been a long time. How are you doing dear?
Sarah: I'm doing great. life's awesome. :D

Me: So, how was Sunday treating you darling?
Sarah: Oh my god, u wouldn't want to know how terrific was my day today. I slept early last nite, around 11pm. Had a bad dream, but why should i care right? :) woke up at 4inthemorning. well, briefly my day was fun, downpour since mornin till late evening, which theoretically made my mood slow and calm for the whole day :D

Me: How did you start your day sweety?
Sarah: oh,i want to share sumthin with you guys. always start ur day with pleasant harmony sweet songs. those songs will eventually stimulate positive moods throughout your day :D seriously,RnB n soul songs i would suggest. :D
Me: any else you would like to share sweetypie?
Sarah: yea, :D i discover that reading is another way of releasing inner conflict. It's fun knowing that you're able to escape from the "reality" and you know whut i mean, rite ;D
oh, and my fav author is always Lee Child.

Me: Ahaa, and when you enjoy most while reading?
sarah: probably with a cup of hot choclate hazelnut while listening to my favourite songs. :D ohh, u shud try reading at any coffee house. (:

okayy, i guessed ENOUGH
for now.


  1. better mulakn ari dngn mndngar bcaaan al-quran..dpt jugak phala..d smping ketenangan..

    better baca buku smbil wat 'pelaburan'...msti shahdu punya...idea bpak bnyak datang...

  2. sarah? naaaa.
    hot choc hazelnut. baaaa !

  3. okayy john, thanks idea.
    taty. ahaa :DD