Tuesday, November 9, 2010

ceritera ceritera

she can't sleep.
why? thinking too much,
thinking, what had she done.
thinking, is this for real?
lord. please. say that she's in a deep sleep.
dreaming. because reality sucks.
neither complain nor nagging.
tak ada hal lah. life made easy !
biasa lah bukan selalu things go the way u plan.
she talk to herself, calming herself.
fuck la. ini hal kecik pun kau tak boleh handle?
tak apa. you have like infinity years
to spend rite?
*pretend pretend pretend*
everything okayyy.
this is honestly harddd.
seriously. she don't even know which is the hardest part.
it's either, so-fucking-hard-to-meet-each-other
or i'm-sorry-that-he-said-making-she-hurts-even-more.
hoi hoi,
listen here peeps, appreciate
others that ada sebelah you guys
dekat dengan u guys.
faham kan? (:
haihh, lama tak guna ni,
ada, adalah, tak ada, tak apa :)
*fingers crossing*

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