Saturday, November 6, 2010

with love from TOMB

so, here's the thing about life.
people fuck u up, u fuck them up again.
when others are being so selfish.
u tried being selfish your own
because there is no harm doing it
when you are, yes surrounded by weird
freaking selfish people.
no, u don't share things with people that are
unwilling to share things with you.
this is life. it' about give and take.
I live with people that are willing to
help each others. to see each others
success. not to keep those success
road and walk alone. Never was I'm thinking bout that.
but then again, yes. IF THIS IS LIFE.
we'll play ur game. we'll play safe.
because nothing matters now.
it's about you, yourself.
and and. thanks for poisoning me
with that kind of mentality.
see how it goes. how does it looks like
later. :D
hate to repeat this million times but that's the truth;

"absolute silence is the best way.
Say something, it can be misheard.
Misunderstood. Misinterpreted.
have it your way."

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