Friday, November 12, 2010

It's okay, things can be settled

a short view about relationship.
what would you do if you are strongly believe
that ur partner is having an affair with someone else?
this situation is the most freak stupid thing ever happen
yet it happen in reality kan. (:
neither we want nor we expect things like this to happen.
basically, macam susah nak setel.
why? because one side tak nak confess,
and one side desperately want to know.
who's fault? haha. this is freak.
the one side tak nak confess biasa tell
"seriously baby, I dont want to break your heart by telling you bout this"
and the one other side,is hardly do the thinking. mental break down
and hurt thus sleeping with tears every night.
the side yang tak nak confess tu, hard for dia jugak
to make a right decision, either to tell or not.
so who's fault? no one's fault?
things like this kene ada experience.
u have to learn,
the learning process in relations.

in relations, well obviously trust is important.
and communication between partners.
bila dah jadi. one side stress and one side numb,
solution is basically depends on situation.
situation macam mana tu susah nak cakap.
but either ways,
if you are seeking any evidence regarding
ur partner's disloyalty, u have to be brave.
to be able to accept all those things that
akan jadi lah dengan future.
the key is ask politely, if it doesn't work,
then silence is the best way.
humankind is very soft and fragile.
we can solve things by berbincang rite?
god creates us with the brain to think
almost perfectly the pros and cons
on our action and behavior.
no way you can shout to each other,
lay fist at others face.
fighting and having world war
is totally ridiculous.

the best is, if you think it's worth
fighting and dying for.
then you go for it.
but never quit before you win,
if winning is not on your side.
then, u have to accept it.
because god knows what best for you.
because thing happens for a reason. (:

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  1. For me, Life is like a taxi. The meter just keeps a-ticking whether you are . getting somewhere or just standing stil!
    and ya, that true dearr.. Everything happens for a reason and Every action has a reaction thaat we should always remember that whats meant to be will always find a way to come about...