Friday, November 19, 2010

hijab part 1

1. nawaitu
2. don't wait when will you be ready (e.g. after married, after reach certain age)
3. this is the simplest, back to basic whenever you feel like stray from god
4. it usually take at least 40 days for you to feel completely comfortable wearing one
5. forcing urself to wear hijab is not really accepted, let it naturally comes from your heart
6. what ever it is, don't do because of anyone else. it's about you, yourself.
7. always hearing urself saying, "I'm not ready" when will you be ready? what if, it's too late for you to wear one? :O (R.I.P)
8. to be honest, wearing hijab is so cool. and pretty.
9. you feel down-to-earth wearing hijab. trust me.

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