Saturday, June 5, 2010


when it comes to the real world
in the sense of growing up.
there is so many things you need to learn.
especially; things that we dont learn in school.
so, besides wasting your time and talk rubbish,
there is nothing wrong to think about future.
seriously, future means nothing if you dont plan well.
and if you're going to say;
"well, come on man it's still long way to go"
It's ur choice anyway.
ur future u choose man :DD
for an example, when it comes to financial,
does ur saving is more than enough to cover up anything as u getting older?
then when we talk about family,
can you build your family as good or even better
as compared to your current family with ur parents?
next will be about education, job, and anything.
plan is just a plan.
anyhow, whut u believe is whut u're going to achieve.
I just simply BELIEVE.

and ohh, have faith.
so, ada adalah, tak ada tak apa. (:

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