Monday, June 7, 2010

I killed myself last nite

this is my heart speaking.
how are you?
geez, i had a conversation last nite.
kindda meaningful thou. a lot. :D
where should i start?
btw,i would like to say sorry for letting you down,
sorry for letting you go.
sorry for two-timing youu.
sorry for the mix emotions i have towards you.
haih, mcm mana nak describe ehh?
i asked my wise fren,
babe, kau okayy tak?
haha, dia replied; aku okayy je lah. wey,
seriously time not healing anything.
and i was like, O.o haa, apa kau cakap?
hee, i got the explaination
and i think basically i hold on to
fact and rasional lah kan.
won't put feelings much in this matter.
sbb emotions sumtimes boleh takeover urself.
don't let emotions control youu.disaster okayy?
for time being, i appreciate much time
that god bagi untuk diri sendiri relaks.
straight to the point,
single means love.
love urself much. (i know it sounds gayy. :D)
but idc. (:
cakap apa kau nak. silakan.
haha. for time being kne focus on urself.
family, and friends. :D main focus babe.
ohh and for urself tu lagi PENTING. important gila yaww.
buat apa yang kau rasa buat kau happy.
dressing up, spa, eating choclate, HANGOUT with frens,
singing out loud, tell ur mom u love her everyday.
hug ur sister. dancing alone in room while the music turn out loud.
knp penat2 nak fikir pasal partner?
let it be babe, biar je. one day for sure. mesti ada punya.
the one who deserve you the most. (:
tak rugi apa pun. and ohh, lagi kau dpt manja kan diri sendiri skarang.
serious shit.
bagi laluan untuk family n kawan2 jap.
and diri sendiri.
haha. yes, DIRI SENDIRI.
and dear heart, sorry for hurting you much
nowdays. ily seriously.
ily, anyhow, i'll make sure u wont hurt much in future okay?
lets go to the place that so-called pampering yourself pretty
brings out the beauty :)

*let christina aguilera do the talking.
for some low-esteem girls out there.
this is for you. yes you. :D
no worries. (:
thanks mizah :)


  1. i got it~~~ i understand perfectly babe!!!! love ya much2~~~

  2. i love you guys infinity. ;DD