Monday, June 14, 2010

blessing in disguise

me: hello sarah, we haven't chat for like forever? (:
sarah: yes, i barely see you around too. how are you been doing?

me: Im doing great. and how are you? again, u making that sad face, what's up babe?
sarah: ohhh, nothing. im doin just fine. *fake smile

me: i know when u fake that fake smile u make. (: so, care to share sweetie?
sarah: hmm, nothing much. small matter, and guess anything can be solved rite?

me: yeahhh. sure. life is not easy but simple. (: choices. its all about making the right choice.
sarah: agree much honey bee. and im kindda in that situation.

me: what about this time? love life? again? hahahah
sarah: nayyy, im not thinking much bout love life. let it be. haha. Im taking my time to love myself. you know what, i haven't been in love so much with myself for awhile. so, I decided this precious moment that i have, to appreciate it much. pampering myself. haha. sounds gay ayy?

me: hahah. exactly. gay mode aren't you? haha. but heyy, there is nothing wrong to love yourself.doing anything you want. giving urself priority in everything. letting yourself do whatever you want to do. nothing much to worry. and hakuna matata, for sure. (:
sarah: ;DD thanks for the care darl.

me: i tell you what, my wise friend once said, "hey, stop thinking about all craps that people talking about you, let them be. they not you" isn't? be who ever you want to be.
sarah: hmm, (: this is not a problem, but im kindda sick answering others question bout my personalities. it's not that im having double personalities. i just simply comfortable being both rockstar or, why are they cant accept it? ermm.. most probably, because they can't accept what they don't believe. isn't it?

me: let them be. *BIG HUGG*
sarah: Sometimes i wonder how it would be like to be normal? Maybe it might be boring. i like myself the way i am, and if no one can accept that
then that's their problem. i might just be okay. :)

me: yes. exactly. dont waste your time waiting and looking for someone who cant accept you, yourself. let it be. i think there is nothing wrong with being unique.
sarah: *wipe tears* (hugging me tightly)

i miss your bear hugss.
seriously, i do.


  1. don't take life to seriously, you won't get out of it alive. - van wilder.. =)

  2. haha. sure2. ;DD if only u know whut i mean. hahah.pftt.LOL