Tuesday, June 8, 2010


i took this one quiz recently.
this is how the result. :DD

Size up your stress style
What your answers mean

You're a formula seeker

You convince yourself that you can reduce the chances of bad things happening by taking certain measures. (If I'm the last one to leave work, I won't get fired.) This response is known as primitive-preventive, and it can set you up for more stress because you're reenforcing your belief that you have control over something you don't. To break your stress habit, ask yourself if taking this step will realistically produce the coveted result. If not, identify what you can do to ensure the desired outcome, if anything. Then practice acceptance of what you cannot control by repeating this mantra: "Expect, allow and accept." Dr. Salcedo explains, "You'll find some peace in expecting that anxiety will come, allowing it to happen and accepting it."

emm, bet you guys can try,

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